Sutdiyari Dairyland Full Fat White Cheese (1kg/2.2lb)

2.2 lb

 Inek Peyniri, Yumusak Beyaz Peynir, White Cheese Cow Milk,Feta Cheese.

Turkish Feta ,Feta Cheese is a fundamental food for breakfast in Turkey.

Traditional White cheese, produced in the same way as FETA, is made all over the world using cow’s milk. This is a similar brined, white cheese as “feta”. Outside EU often made partly or fully of cow’s milk, and sometimes called “feta”- inside EU this is called white cheese or “salad cheese”.

White cheese in salt brine is made from fresh pasteurized cow’s milk. It is our highly appreciated cheese that is produced in open cheese vats and cheese tanks according to old traditions for fine cheese making. The cheese is fresh, slightly salty and tart, and by increasing ages a stronger taste of lipase. It can be used in baking, mince dishes, oven dishes, salads, tart fillings, fried on a pan (in whole pieces), marinated, dips and dressings and in pita bread.