Shipping & Delivery

Our Services Include:

  • Free Local Delivery in the Bay Area for orders above $99
  • Free Local Pickup
  • USA Nationwide Shipping
  • Free Shipping for California residents on orders above $99. Use code SELECT at checkout.
  • 2-3 days Express Worldwide Shipping 

Shipping Frozen & Refrigerated Goods:

  • For shipping Frozen & Refrigerated products, we use Large Blocks of Dry Ice and Gel Packs in our packaging.

  • These Cold Packs contain refrigerants that maintain consistent cold temperatures inside boxes.

  • Gel Packs combined with Dry Ice allows perishable items to stay cold for more than 3 days.

  • We add the Gel Packs and Dry Ice inside our Insulated Foam Coolers and the Cooler acts as a Refrigerator while the package is being shipped to you.

  • For certain shipments, we also use Thermal Insulated Packages to ensure that Refrigerated products stay cold throughout transit.