Ahmad Digest - 20 Foil T/B Sweet Mint & Fennel + Biotin & Spearmint

0.4 lb

Digest Sweet Mint & Fennel + Biotin & Spearmint Spearmint helps support digestion-100% Natural Ingredients Our Digest blend harnesses the soothing sweetness of fennel, mint and liquorice to create a refreshing brew that gently calms and restores. Fennel: Sweetly, fragrant fennel root has been enjoyed since the time of the ancient Egyptians. its mellow aniseed flavour adds a soothing note to this infusion. Peppermint: A hibrid of spearmint and watermint, we use peppermint in this infusion for its lovely balance of calming, menthol freshness and uplifting aroma. Biotin: Contributes to normal ebergy-yielding metabolism. Ingredients: Fennel 33%, camomile 18%, Peppermint 15%, Spearmint 12%, liquorice root 10%, blackberry leaves, sodium selenite 1 %, biotin 1%. Product of UAE