Bahcivan Aged Kasar Kashkaval Cheese (350g)

0.78 lb

Kashkaval is a type of orange cheese made of cow milk ,sheep milk  or both.

This medium-hard cheese is a breakfast staple in the Balkans and a delicious table cheese. Its semi-hard texture also makes it a natural for melting. Enjoy the slightly salty, nutty and tangy flavor profile of our Aged Kashkaval in omelets, lasagnas and on pizza.

Cheese aged up to 6 months has a milky and mild taste, but more aged Kars Kasar develops a strong, tannic taste. After 1 year, its taste becomes peppery and quite strong. It is dark yellow, with a hard rind that thickens with maturation. 

Kashkaval Balkan,Kashkaval Vitosha , Kasseri.

Eski Kasar ,Kars Kasarı, Trakya Kasarı .