Djerdan Burek Borek Cheese Rolls (900g)

1.99 lb

If you have family or friends in the Balkans, Mediterranean or Middle East, Burek, also known as Börek or Bourekas, will need no introduction! A sister to Greek Spanakopita and Tiropita, burek are savory pastries traditionally filled with cheese, spinach and cheese, ground beef or potato and wrapped in thin layers of crispy fillo. Djerdan Cheese Burek Rolls are “bake-at-home” versions of the delicious burek we serve in restaurants. Featuring a delectable blend of fresh ricotta, Feta, cream cheese and Bulgarian kashkaval cheese nestled between delicate layers of phyllo. our Cheese Burek Rolls are baked and seasoned to perfection in the form of individual spiral pastries. With six rolls in a box, Djerdan Cheese Rolls make a wonderful snack and a delicious meal with soup and salad. Or, serve as an appetizer with tzatziki, labneh or Greek yogurt and fresh salsa.