1.47 lb

To get tomato paste this rich and creamy takes hours of hard work. First, you’ve got to boil the tomatoes to the perfect consistency. Then, you need to run the resulting liquid through finer and finer filters to get rid of the seeds and leftover skin. Lastly, you’ve got to put it through the QC wringer and slap a label on it. Vegetarian-friendly and all-natural, this is a must-have for any Muslim pantry. Buy a couple of jars and add some dimension to your stews and marinated meats.

  • Adds a subtle kick to marinated meats, salads, and tteok-bokki
  • Made and bottled by Golden Plate, a company with decades of experience in the halal food space
  • Certified halal and vegetarian-friendly
  • No mystery ingredients. Contains nothing but tomato and salt.

Weight: 23 oz (670 g)

Product of Syria

Ingredients: Tomatoes, Salt

Storage Instruction: Keep in cool, dry place. Refrigerate after opening.