Koska Marble Halva Cocoa 700 gr

1.56 lb

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Sesame paste (57%), sugar, cocoa powder (2.5%) emulsifier, saponaria root extract, acidity regulator, nature-identical vanillin aroma.

If you grew up in the Mediterranean, the Balkans, the Middle East or in Central Asia, chances are you have had the distinct pleasure of trying halva, a light and airy confection made with tahini, or ground sesame seeds, whipped into sugar. With roots dating back close to a millennium, halva is traditionally served as an end-of-the-meal sweet, often with fresh fruit or other desserts. This not-too-sweet treat, with a melt-in-your-mouth consistency, has a wonderful sesame butter flavor. Traditionally made with vanilla, cocoa, almonds or pistachios, halva is a rich source of vitamins, calcium, anti-oxidants and proteins derived from the sesame paste. At Koska, a family-run business since 1907, we pride ourselves on making halva with 57% tahini. Our Cocoa Halva is the perfect treat for halva and cocoa lovers! Enjoy as a snack. Or crumble on frozen yogurt or ice cream and drizzle with chocolate syrup.