Koska Turkish Delight Mastiq Sakızlı

1.1 lb
Turkish Delights are square gel-based confections made with cornstarch and sugar syrup, sometimes with special flavorings and oftentimes chopped nuts or shredded coconut and mastiq. With origins dating back to 18th century Turkey, Turkish Delights, known as “Lokum” in Turkey and the Middle East and “Loukoúmi” in Greece,­ were once considered rare delicacies enjoyed in the Ottoman Topkapi Palace and by the European elite. Today, these dense, chewy candies are popular and classic Mediterranean, Middle Eastern and Southeastern European sweets. Square in shape and dusted with icing sugar. Koska is the largest producer and exporter of Lokum in Turkey and still uses the original, traditional family recipes for all of their offerings. Our Turkish Delight lokums are wonderful with coffee – or as a palate cleanser with water before dessert. A classic confection during Ramadan and Eid and for births and special family celebrations, our Turkish Delights Mastiq are eminently shareable. Koska Turkish Delights are also available in Plain, Rose and Hazelnut flavors. And, in two variety packs: Hazelnut, Pistachio and Coconut – and Mixed (Rose, Lemon, Orange and Mint). Each box contains 45 pieces. Store in a cool, dry place.