Peyman Bahçeden Roasted Pistachios Antep FISTIGI

0.33 lb
Pistachios are not only delicious and fun to eat, but also a healthy snack. The edible seeds of the pistacia vera tree contain healthy fats and are a good source of protein, fiber and antioxidants. Pistachios are a rich fiber and protein source and assist the normal functioning of the digestive system as they reinforce healthy gut bacteria. Pistachios are one of the foodstuffs rich in vitamin B6. 
Vitamin B6 is important for regulating blood sugar and the formation of hemoglobin, a molecule that carries oxygen in red blood cells. 20% protein in weight, pistachios are the second richest nuts in protein content, right after almonds. Rich in antioxidants, magnesium, carotenoids and phenolic compounds, pistachios are also good for management of blood glucose thanks to their fiber and healthy fat content. Therefore, incorporating an appropriate amount of pistachios in your diet can help you manage your blood glucose in the long term. Pistachios are also rich in potassium and contain more potassium than half a large banana. The high fiber and protein content increases satiety and helps you eat less. Pistachios have a low glycemic index that might support low blood glucose levels.