Piyale Spaghetti (500g)

1.11 lb
While scholars attribute the origin of noodles to ancient China, the dried pasta we know and love today is 100% Mediterranean fare! Of all the shapes and sizes of pasta, none is more classic than spaghetti. At Piyale, we have been making traditional pasta in Turkey since 1922, with high-quality Durum and soft wheat semolina. Piyale Spaghetti is the perfect vehicle for any sauce you can dream of! Enjoy al dente with garlic and olive oil (aglio e olio); clams, olive oil, garlic and parsley (alle vongole); tomato, capers, Kalamata olives and garlic (alla puttanesca); ground meat and tomato sauce (Bolognese) or with all-time classic meatballs. Chef’s tip: after boiling the pasta, conserve a little of the cooking liquid and add it along with the spaghetti, into the sauce you’re serving. Mix to coat all of the pasta and serve with grated cheese (optional). Start working your magic with our spaghetti and let your imagination soar.