Reis Red Lentils Mercimek (1kg)

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Red lentil cultivation is mainly made in Southeast Anatolia. It is cultivated in Gaziantep, Barak, Şanlıurfa, Viranşehir, Nusaybin, Diyarbakır, Bismil, Mardin, Kızıltepe, Ceylanpınar and Siverek. Because it does not generate insects, Kiziltepe lentil is is more valuable when compared with other regions. The red lentil collected in shelled state is peeled and oiled with sunflower oil. Oil rate should not be more than 3 %. It is sold It is sold as ball grain and leaf grain. Leaf grain is cooked faster and does not generate insect. Red lentils are produced in June.

Red lentil Contrary to other pulses, new products of red lentil is hard in terms of grains and cooked late. For this reason, old crops should be consumed for a certain time. When buying lentil, there should not be any white, unhealthy, hollowed and damaged lentil in the package. Red lentil has regional features. The products of some regions generates insects and its grains melted and cooked late. Lentil grains should be intact, whole, well dried and its moisture content should be max 14.5%. Foreign material, damaged grain, under-crust rate should be at most 0.5 %. Broken grain rate should not exceed 3 %. In some factories, the lentils are watered with the purpose of affording advantage during peeling and polishing and the broken grains are not eliminated during processing. Such lentils are sold at a lower price. When lentils are purchased, you do not see any insects. But it may generate insects after purchased. For this reason, region is important in lentil.