Tahsildaroglu Aged Kasar Kashkaval Cheese (350g/0.77lb)

0.77 lb

 Pasteurized sheep’s and goat’s milk, cheese rennet, and salt.

Known as the “Cheddar cheese of the Balkans," Kashkaval is a pantry favorite throughout the Mediterranean and Eastern Europe. Made from cow, sheep and goat’s milk, Tahsildaroglu Aged Kashaval is aged for 6 months to impart extra sharp flavor. This medium-hard cheese is a breakfast staple in the Balkans and a delicious table cheese. Its semi-hard texture also makes it a natural for melting. Enjoy the slightly salty, nutty and tangy flavor profile of our Aged Kashkaval in omelets, lasagnas and on pizza.

Kashkaval Balkan,Kashkaval Vitosha , Kasseri.

Eski Kasar ,Kars Kasarı, Trakya Kasarı .