Tahsildaroglu Goat's Milk White Cheese (350gr/0.77lb)

0.77 lb

 There is a rich cheesemaking history in Turkey, dating back many millennia. And one of the most popular cheeses is Beyaz Peynir or “White Cheese”, the Turkish version of Feta. An inextricable part of Turkish culture and cuisine, Feta consumption usually starts at breakfast. At Tahsildaroglu, we make this special cheese with the milk of herds grazing freely in the Ezine region of the Taz Mountains. Our Goat’s Milk Feta is made with a unique blend of mostly goat's milk with some sheep's milk. We pack the cheese curds in a salt and yeast brine and age the mix for at least 12 months - resulting in a cheese with a crumbly texture and a tangy, slightly salty flavor. Rich in probiotics, calcium and protein, and low in fat, Tahsildaroglu Goat’s Milk Feta is a cheese you can feel great about eating at any time of the day. Use our cheese and a dash of oregano to add bright Mediterranean flavor to your favorite salads, omelets, flatbreads and spreads. The perfect addition to a meze platter, our cheese is also a natural for yufka-filled pastries.

Pasteurized goat’s milk, sheep’s milk and cow’s milk, cheese rennet and salt.