Tahsildaroglu Traditional White Cheese (900g/1.98lb)

1.98 lb

Beyaz Peynir, which literally translates to “white cheese”, is the Turkish version of Feta. Among the most popular cheeses in the region, Beyaz Peynir comes in many variations, using cow’s milk, sheep’s milk or goat’s milk. Tahsildaroglu Traditional Feta Cheese is made exclusively from the milk of naturally fed cows in the Ezine region of the Taz Mountains. Made similarly to Greek Feta, Tahsildaroglu Traditional Feta Cheese is a white brined and aged crumbly cheese, with a tangy and slightly salty flavor. Enjoy our Feta in a classic Turkish breakfast or as an appetizer with tomato, cucumbers, olives and a drizzle of Extra Virgin Olive Oil. Tahsildaroglu Traditional Feta Cheese is a “must” for any Meze table and a core ingredient in a Shepherd’s Salad, the Turkish version of a Greek Salad. Whatever culinary preparation you choose, this healthy low fat cheese will not disappoint!

Pasteurized cow’s milk, cheese rennet and salt.