Shipping Frozen & Refrigerated Goods

Insulated Cooler Boxes
Ice Brix  

For shipping Frozen & Refrigerated products, we use Large Blocks of Gel Packs and Dry Ice (as shown above) in our packaging.

Frozen & Refrigerated orders are dropped off to UPS Stores on each Monday.

These Cold Packs contain refrigerants that maintain consistent cold temperatures inside boxes.

Gel Packs combined with Dry Ice allows perishable items to stay cold for more than 4 days.

We add the Gel Packs and Dry Ice inside our Insulated Foam Coolers and the Cooler acts as a Refrigerator while the package is being shipped to you.

For certain shipments, we also use Thermal Insulated Packages to add an additional layer of protection to ensure that Refrigerated products stay cold for an extended period of time throughout transit.