Dimes Moments %100 Squeezed Pomegranate Juice (23.6 fl oz / 700ml)

1.47 lb
Every moment you live is unique and very special. Therefore, we decided to help you to spend your time doing your favorite things and having unforgettable moments with your beloved ones. We developed 100% squeezed pomegranate juice made of red pomegranates that we picked seasonably and carefully squeezed and bottled in the most natural form without applying concentration process. We present DİMES Squeezed to you with the motto ‘‘The Fresh Side of Life’’ to practically give the energy that we need in our daily life when we fail to keep up with the speed of life. We developed DİMES Squeezed, which is carefully prepared for those who care about naturalness in life, to be with you in every moment of the day. It is worth tasting the squeezed pomegranate juice, which is squeezed with its seeds and offers real pomegranate taste, for its completely different taste and numerous benefits!